Body Cameras for Police Officers Gaining Momentum Across the Nation

6PM+PKG+ABERDEEN+BODY+CAMERAS+3-24-17.Still001The South Dakota Advisory Committee is just one of the latest groups to take a look at the value of forcing all police officers to wear body cameras. The group believes that it would be a great idea, especially when it comes to policing minority communities. Rather than just listening to bias recounts of an event, if police officers wore cameras, we would have concrete evidence of what actually happened. Furthermore, Lawrence Diggs, an author who took part on the Diversity Panel during the South Dakota Advisory Committee’s “Subtle Effects of Racism in South Dakota” meeting on Friday says that “It will help us to understand their perspective and it gives us an opportunity for better training for the officers.”

Do you think Body Cameras are a step towards the right direction in regards to helping Police Brutality?