Meet Jared

My name is Jared Gaon and I am a Sophomore, Communications major here at the University of Maryland. The idea of police brutality is a huge issue in the United States and one that is only getting worse. How often do you hear about a police officer taking advantage of his or her power? There are thousands of reports of police misconduct each year – with many leading to death. Something has got to change. What if one of those fatalities happened to be you, or someone in your family? With this blog, we hope to further your knowledge in this field and explain one of the nation’s biggest issues.



Meet Steve

My name is Steve and I am a junior Communications studies major. Seeing constant violence on the media is troubling and more troubling, and more troubling is the fact that the people who are supposed to stop it are often perpetrators themselves. Police violence is a major civil issue in the United States today, and it’s important to discuss necessary changes that can be made to improve our public safety.



The purpose of this blog is to call for legislative reform to the flawed police system in the United States. Many people are outraged by the incidents of police brutality and injustice happening daily, like the deaths of Michael Brown and Freddie Gray. Social movements like Black Lives Matter have brought these issues to mainstream news and social media, and this blog’s purpose is to further convince readers why police reform is necessary.



In this blog, we will call for the mandatory use of police worn body cameras, the demilitarization the police force, and the end of stop and frisk policies. We believe that by legislatively correcting these problems, we will begin to take steps towards having liberty and justice for ALL Americans, not just some. Please follow along each week and read why we think there are problems in our current police system system and how we think they should be solved.