NJ Police Trooper avoids Jailtime

NJ Troopercrash

In this article, a New Jersey police officer used his connections within the department to avoid jail time. The officer in question, Sgt. William Billingham, claimed to have fallen asleep at the wheel while on duty, resulting in a major collision with an SUV. The incident was handled internally at first, and the detective used his undercover pseudonym in the filings. Additionally, the officers at the scene never tested him for alcohol. A later investigation found that Officer Billingham was three times over the legal blood alcohol limit. Despite all of this, the officer struck a plea deal and was able to avoid jail time. He then proceeded to file for pension with the department and retired. He has not received the money yet, but he was never reprimanded internally for the incident and pending meetings can release some of his pension in the near future. I think that this misuse of the system is just another example of corruption within police departments that needs to be addressed.


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