An Indian Territory May Ban Social Media After a Picture of Police Brutality in Action Goes Viral.



The government of Kashmir, a state in Northern India is taking action to diminish how widespread certain posts on social media gets. “We are thinking of banning Facebook and WhatsApp. They are more dangerous than militants and unruly mobs on the streets,” declared a top police official in Kashmir, according to the Observer. While the internet in Kashmir has never been a stable service, with consistent blackouts, the state wants to change things for good after student protests in response to a police raid on a Kashmiri college gained popularity on various social networks.  Live videos of the event went viral on Facebook and Instagram and displayed how poorly police officers were treating people at a peaceful protest.

If the state were to ban social media, it would be a huge blow to the citizens of Kashmir as their voices would be less likely to be heard. In the 21st century, without social media, sharing and displaying your opinion through applications like Twitter and Facebook are some of the most effective ways to gather an audience. Furthermore, the state wants to ban social media so people can no longer post examples of injustice such as photos of brutalities by its military forces.



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