Suspect Killed in Phoenix



In the wake of many vehicle- based terrorist attacks around the globe, we are starting to see more people use their cars to create havoc. In this case, 48 year old Erik Pamais refused to pull over for speeding after being followed by officers and instead lead a chase to a shopping center. After being barricaded and essentially cornered by the police vehicles in the pursuit, Pamais proceeded to ram the police cars in an effort to escape. This all happened near a used clothing store for children that had customers inside. Eventually, Pamais broke free from the barricade and started to drive towards the used clothing store. For fear of the loss of lives, an officer chose to open fire and hit Pamais. Pamais was declared dead after being brought to the hospital, but this was an instance in which deadly force was permissible. Too often we see deadly force being used at a whim by police, but in this scenario, it was both effective and necessary.


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