2 Georgia Police Officers Fired



In Georgia on Wednesday, two officers that had been with the Gwinnett County Police Force for years were removed from their positions. This is in the aftermath of reports that they forcefully assaulted a man at a traffic stop in which one of the officers called for backup. The report states that the officers pulled over Demetrious Bryan Hollins for a tail light issue and failure to signal to switch lanes several times. The officer report states that Hollins began to “act strange”, which required back- up. When this back- up arrived (according to the officer report), the officers used a stun-gun to apprehend the “resisting” culprit. However, video from people looking at the arrest shows one of the officers punching Hollins in the face when he had his hands up, and the other officer stomping on his head when he was lying on the ground with his hands behind his back. Prior to this case, one of the officers was considered “an excellent example of a team player with a strong work ethic” and received various awards and recognitions from the department. It goes to show that despite tenure and experience, the methods of policing are starting to change and if you’re not willing to adapt, you could very easily lose your job.










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