Airport Police Officers See Punishment After United Airlines Dragging Incident

Two more airport police officers suspended over United Airlines dragging incident

If you have not heard about the United Airlines incident that happened this past Sunday, it is likely that you have been living under a rock for the last few days. This event has garnered an insane amount of press; being all over social media as well as television. Furthermore, the reputation of United Airlines has gone significantly with many vouching to never travel through United ever again.

To sum things up, the first class section of the airplane was overbooked and because of that, the airline was forced to kick somebody off of the plane. Instead of informing this individual before boarding, they informed the man that he would need to reschedule his flight while he was already on the plane sitting down. The 69-year-old man, David Dao had a meeting the following morning and was unable to take a later flight. He responded by saying something along the lines of: “The only way you’ll get me off this flight is if you drag me out of here” and the airport police officers did just that. They picked him up from his seat and dragged him off the flight as he was screaming in terror. This led to Dao seeking medical attention as he suffered a concussion, a broken nose, a damaged sinuses and two lost teeth. (A video of this altercation can be seen at the bottom of this page).

David Dao plans to file a lawsuit against United Airlines and some of the airport police officers involved. In terms of individual punishments for the officers, all of those involved have been placed on leave with many calling for the end of their career in the police field.



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