NFL Players demand Reform

NFL Players Demand Reform

In this article, three NFL players took to congress to testify about police violence and the need for reform. One player in particular, Anquan Boldin, discussed his personal connection as he recently lost a cousin to police violence. As the divide between minority populations and police continues to grow, these NFL players used their powerful voices to address the issue. One of the biggest problems they chose to address was the cycle of repeat offenders and the need to change the federal prison system to focus on rehabilitation and education. Rep. John Conyers of Michigan, who helped organize this NFL congressional panel, emphasized how the “relationship between African- American communities and their police departments across the nation have hovered in a state of volatility, awaiting a single incident to combust”. In the wake of many public shootings followed by mass protests (and in some cases rioting), this assessment by Rep. Conyers conveys a strong message about the delicate social atmosphere.


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